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Self-serve Kiosk in Atlantic City

Globe Vending is known to be a leader in the industry, and this includes leading the way with new trends in vending, such as micro market services. What’s a micro market? Simply put, it’s a fully self-functioning convenience store right in your break room, providing the most convenient, efficient vending solution available. With micro markets on site, companies experience fewer employees leaving the office for lunch and breaks, which leads to greater productivity. Also, with a store right on site offering real food items, people are much more willing to stay late into the dinner hour.

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So how do they work?

When you sign up for a micro-market, we start by providing the attractive fixtures, coolers and other display devices to match your unique space. Then you can choose from hundreds of items to fill this space, including a multitude of healthier foods, snacks and beverages.

Self-checkout kiosks are integrated into the market. Employees are able to walk the store, pick up and read the nutritional information of the items they’re interested in and then bring their selections to the kiosks. From that point it’s simply scanning the items and swiping a credit card (or key card), and off they go.

Inventory Management System

To cut down on the potential for theft, each micro market includes a security system, complete with cameras. Capped off with signage that identifies the presence of cameras, micro-markets encounter virtually no instances of theft.

To simplify store management, each micro market has its own web-based inventory system. This makes adding products a breeze, as well as determining which products are selling…and which are not. The automation provided by this system also helps ensure product freshness.

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