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Amusemnts in Atlantic City

Beyond standard vending services, Globe Vending also owns and installs all types of coin-operated amusement equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, basketball games, punching bags, deluxe video games, photo booths, pool tables and jukeboxes.

No matter what type of amusement machines you have installed, we will establish a regular route to monitor them on a weekly basis, or as often as necessary. This visit will not only make sure the machines are operating properly but we will provide input on how you can maximize machine earnings. If there’s ever a problem, we’ll be on the spot immediately to help. Our service department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Digital Jukeboxes

TouchTunes digital jukeboxes continue to grow in popularity. Since they offer a virtually endless choice of music, customers can always play what they want to hear. Obviously, people love to provide a soundtrack to their night, but bar owners and other businesses also love to be able to have background music playing throughout the day.

Pool Tables

Of course, to offer a proper pool experience, you need more than a table and ball set. You need chalk, racks, brushes, bridges, etc. No problem, we offer all of these things, and more. We not only can service the inner working of the tables, but also provide cloth repair. Also, upon engaging our services, in-town table delivery and set up is included.

Photo Booths

Provide your guests with the entertainment, excitement, and shear fun that a photo booth brings to locations. Your customers will have a blast! All of our photo booths utilize professional cameras and studio lighting for superior image quality.


Globe Vending has the amusement games you’re looking for to both entertain your customers and maximize revenue. With many different games available, geared for a wide range of different age groups and skill levels, there are great games available for virtually any type of customer.

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